Gal pal, Toby Davidson — the brainchild behind the Cookin’ Greens™ phenomenon — wants YOU to get “GREEN WITH ENVY” by entering her contest. Because who doesn’t want to give their family nutrient-rich dark-leafy, body-building greens? The trick is getting them to eat the good-for-you greens with the same zeal with which they devour their favourite foods.

Cookin’ Greens veggies are farm-picked and, within 6 hours, double-washed, double- blanched, chopped and quick-frozen to lock in flavour and nutritional benefits. What’s there not to love, right?

Toby’s dream team took on the challenge to deliver healthy and delicious greens that even the most rushed, pickiest eater would love. And with a cornucopia of ready-when-you-are quick-cooking vegetables on offer… chopped kale, spinach or rapini, or one of its designer blends, what Cookin’ Greens wants to know is:

• What’s YOUR most ingenious tip, method, or idea for getting Cookin’ Greens into your family’s meals? Tell then (through an anecdote, recipe, poem/nursery rhyme, or song) or show them (via photos, a video, a play, a drawing or cartoon). Make them laugh, ponder or shriek with your entry. The sky’s the limit!

Click HERE for contest details.

What’s that? What’s in it for you… besides a healthier diet? How about a LOT of green in the form of green bucks!

• FIRST PLACE: $500 gift certificate to a grocery store of your choice + a few bags of Cookin’ Greens.
• SECOND PLACE: Cookin’ Greens for a year + an hour consultation with a registered dietician to better understand your family’s dietary needs.
• THIRD PLACE: A one-hour consultation with healthy eating advocate/mom, Nettie Cronish, a signed copy of her latest cookbook, The Everyday Flexitarian + 6 bags of Cookin’ Greens.

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