Last night, my sister Bev called — she lives in San Antonio, Texas.

I told her I was putting an envelope in the mail to her today with a copy of your newest cookbook The Fridge Whisperer: Condiment Confidential. “Remember I sent you a copy of Deb’s first cookbook?” I said.

“Remember,” she said. “I’m looking at it right now — [The Fridge Whisperer: 50 Fast & Fabulous Family Faves.] I want to make something new this week, so I’m going through my favourite cookbooks people have sent me. I really like that book!”

Isn’t that funny that she’d have it in front of her when she called? And she had NO idea your second book was out?

Ah, life is unpredictable.

Dorothea Helms

Around here, we refer to it as “the cookbook.” I have plenty of others, but my kids and I have been cooking so much from 50 Fast & Fabulous Family Faves that it’s become our new standard.

We’ve made almost every entrée once and several of them two or three times.

The main reason we keep trusting these recipes enough to try new ones is that we can — each one has turned out the way we’d hoped. We also love the idea of the “Whispers from the Kitchen” note page opposite each recipe. I’ve always written in my cookbooks, but it’s usually been a one-liner scrawled in the corner. The idea of a lot of space to make notes sets this book “a shelf above” the others.

Sherry Hinman

I love cooking and eating and reading about cooking — I probably own approximately 150 cookbooks.

Usually when I get a new one I browse through it, pick three or four recipes that I try, and then it goes on my shelf to be brought out once in a while. But when I cracked the covers of The Fridge Whisperer’s 50 Fast & Fabulous Family Faves and read the Cooking Tips & Hints in the front I went on to read through the whole book.

This is the first time I have ever been inspired to make everything in the book – I’m not finished yet but I’m going to get there! The reason I’m not finished is that everytime I make something, James and Cameron clamour for me to make it again — and I do, with the variations suggested and others that I create, inspired by the “get adventurous” attitude of the book.

We got so much pleasure out of it we bought eight copies for all of our relatives for Christmas. Thanks for a fabulous source of culinary inspiration!

Sue Reynolds

Deb, I saw your pasta dish had arugula in it — and I love arugula in anything and everything — so we just had to try your recipe today. It was excellent! My husband especially appreciated the little bit of heat – just enough for him and not too much for a scaredy cat like me.

My daughter insisted on apple pie so I cheated and made little tarts with store-bought shells. As they were in the oven, I thought I’d check your latest cookbook because I was sure I saw a pie recipe in there. I flipped through it and stopped at the Let-the-Kids-Make-’em Apple Dumplings recipe – and immediately wished I had made that instead. Lauren would love it! It’s bookmarked and on my dessert wish list now!

Thank you again for sharing your culinary wisdom and recipes with me.

Agnes R.

I opened the book Sunday morning and noticed that I had all the ingredients [for Cheeseburger Pie], so that’s what I cooked…great book!

Barbara Hunt

I had a long drive today to visit a friend in Oakville and took the cookbook along. Bart was driving while I read and I have to say there are so many great recipes in there! I like that they usually need just a few basic ingredients yet sound so appetizing. I’ll definitely be trying a few over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for sharing this book with me.

Agnes R.

When I tasted Deb’s delicious Pasta Caprese at a friend’s house, I loved it so much that I stopped off on my way home to buy the ingredients to make it for my own family. Deb takes three or four simple ingredients and creates a symphony of taste. Music, maestro, please!

I love Deb’s “Whispers from the kitchen” page that accompanies each recipe. It helps me make her recipes my own. But that’s a little like hanging up the Mona Lisa and saying, “I had a hand in that.”

Of note, my twelve-year-old loves making Deb’s Low-Fat Seasoned Tortilla Wedges – healthy, fast and delicious! And whisper, whisper – great with salsa.

Heather O'Connor

Deb, I purchased your latest book, The Fridge Whisperer: Lusciously Local, at Svetec’s Family Farm and wanted you to know that we think it is fabulous.

The dishes presented look tasty and seem quite do-able. A good companion throughout the winter months.

B. Stewart

As RV Gazette editor and diehard foodie, I wait eagerly to read what Deb Rankine has cooked up for each new edition of “Gourmet the Healthy Way.”

Deb’s The Fridge Whisperer Cookbook Series offers an abundance of fast and frugal, delicious and nutritious recipes, all specifically designed to help get dinner on the table every night of the week.

We meals-on-wheels bunch benefit, too, from Deb’s no-nonsense approach to “using what you’ve got” cookery. With her thumbs-up recipes and our own food savvy, we can create delicious meals by using what we’ve got on hand’ in our propane fridge, ice box or cooler.

Deb’s recipes really work no matter how one chooses to switch them up.

Marcia Anderson, RV Gazette

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